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For PostAds Pro version.

If you are not able to get PostAds Templates page on your wp dashboard right below the PostAds options

like in our below image. PostAds Templates.

You need to update theme and plugins. Theme version should be 5.3.8+.

Then please follow these instructions.

Go to WP > Plugins >

Deactivate and delete “All in one wp migration url extension” from plugins.

Then go to Appearance > Install plugins
Here you can see the plugin “PostAds Template by Designsvilla”. You need to install this plugin and activate.

Whenever you delete any required or recommended plugin from plugins. You can get that plugin automatically here. For updates, Install and activation if required plugin will be listed in Appearance > Install plugin.

Click install.

Then click activate after installation.

Its done. Now you can go to “wp dashboard”

Click on PostAds Templates. It will show you all PostAds Pro templates.

Now you can install your desire one simply hover on the templates it will show you a install button.
how to import demo.

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