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Create “Forget Password” Form:

First of all you have to create “Forget password” form by going to wp admin > Forms > Create new Form, here you will add the element of “Form Text” and select the options of

Label > Please enter your username or email address

Name > user_login

Placeholder text > Please enter your username or email address

Help text > You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

Required ? > Yes

Create Forget “Password page”

Now you will create Forget Password page so please go to pages > add new page with the name of “Forget password” and add the element of “DHVC custom” edit this element and follow the instructions as in attached image.

Login Form:

Now please edit “Login Form” and add the element of “Fancy Title” Edit the element “Fancy Title” and add the link for “Forget Password” page

Form Text:

Name > username

Placeholder Text > Username

Icon > User

Form Password:

Name > password

Placeholder text > Password

Icon > Lock

Fancy Title:

Create a page “Pick a New Password”

Now please create a page with the name of ” Pick a New Password” and add this code

[custom-password-reset-form show_title=”1″]

Also slug should be same as it is “member-password-reset”

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