Change Currency Signs For Listings and Packages

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Currency Signs for Listings Price:

Your Currency sign can be change on listings. You need to go to your wp Dashboard. PostAds options > Content Fields > Price

Hover on the price field you can see “configure” click on it

In here your sign can be the change for listing price currency.


To set Currency symbol Before or After Price:

Please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard > PostAds Option > Listing settings > Listings > here you can set “Currency Symbol location” Pre or post as in attached image.

Currency Signs for Packages

Currency sign for Built-in Packages:

Here you will set payment for packages so please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard > PostAds Option > Listing Settings > Payment Settings >  Here all the settings you need to set, as you want to have like Currency, currency sign, Decimal separator, etc…

Currency Signs for Woo-Commerce:

Please go to Wp-Admin Dashboard > Woocommerce > Settings > Here you can change the Currency Settings for Woocommerce

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