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Setup and import

With the introduction of The Classo version 1.0 you can easily import demo content. Follow the step by step guide:

  • classo demo installation work with Classo Templates Plugin, please make sure you have installed our provided one which you can locate in appearance > install plugins or while you activated the theme automatically you redirect to our provided plugins. Install and activate this plugin.

STEP 1 – Go to WordPress admin -> Classo Dashboard -> Theme Setup -> Please verify your purchase to proceed with theme setup.

STEP 2 – After purchase verification please click theme setup button

STEP 3 – By clicking theme setup link, Setup wizard would be started, Please follow the instructions provided on setup wizard.

Your demo is done. 🙂

Installation may take some time depending on your Internet speed and server.

There is no more step your demo site is already installed, Have a fun.

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