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Header settings can be found in Classimet Dashboard -> Theme Settings -> Footer
  1.  Turn On/Off Footer Main Area, (Make sure widgets are added in footer sidebar areas in appearance -> widgets, to make footer area enable.)
  2. Select a footer layout from available options
  3. Turn on or off Top Footer section. this section would display before Main footer. you can add logo and social networks or subscription form in this section
  4. Select subscription form styles for top footer area
  5. Upload logo for top footer section
  6. Provide form id for the subscription form built with provided form builder.
  7. Turn On/Off Sub-Footer Section
  8. Enable back to top button
  9. Select a Style for back to top button,
  10. Turn On Floating Sell Button (DirectoryPress Plugin required)
  11. Custom Copyright Text option, to show in sub-footer section.
  12. Upload logo to show in sub-footer section.
  13. All footer related background/text and border colors are defined here as per point number 13 below.
  14. Select Social icons location from top or sub-footer section.
  15. Add url for desired social network profiles to show in sub-footer or top footer section.
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